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External communication

When addressing the media, we help you adjust the topic so that it is interesting for their readers, listeners, spectators. We also prepared strategies for a good use of social media. When a need arises for swift reaction to sudden events, we are able to reach the key target groups with the information mix arranged in line with long-standing crisis communication principles. 


To paraphrase a well-known quotation, it is impossible not to communicate. The same applies to your compan. If you want to have its name firmly etched in minds of current or future clients, it takes care. We will come up with ways how to make the people know about your activities, results, successes and, yes, even failures. Those belong to life, too. You can turn the situation round and make a success of how you handle the critical situation. And, what impression you make.



Zuzana Svitanová, former reporter of TASR newswire, Poprad: In Communication House you take interest in what journalists really need to know. Your PR is professional to the limit, without a boombastic advertising in favor of your clients, which usually runs counter against the approach of editors. I thing this approach is a result of the team's own journalist experience and empathy.

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